Hibiscus Collective Art Supplies has been established as an online arts and crafts supply store for both professional and amateur artists.  We are a very proud company and are committed to our sustainability and the impact we are making on our planet and environments.  We are about creating long term value for you - our customers.    


Our aim is to be the number one on-line art supply store and over the next 1 – 5 years our expanded range of products will be readily available globally.  

We build great brands and look forward to surprising & exciting you with our products and innovations in the creative arena.  

The Hibiscus Collective Art Supply strategy is built around four business priorities for action.

They are designed to enable the Company to win in the marketplace with integrity and fairness

Stand by our values and passion for quality which focus on the long-term sustainability of our business

Advocate for responsible consumption and the enjoyment of creative processes in our lives

Committing to our communities and always striving to consistently improve the impact we make on our environment and overall the planet


Only $US 34.97 for all 3 items in this bundle!!!

20 Vibrant Real Watercolor Brush Pens + 1 Refillable Pen - Nylon bristles enable you to make any size stroke without having to change a brush. 

So many options - Create beautiful watercolor effects, perfect for 

calligraphy, and coloring books.

Artist Color Wheel - to make color selection, blending and matching of colors simple.

Watercolor Paint Pad - Compact A4 size, ideal for adults and children to take away on vacation 



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